For Your Home Security : DOORBOT


Now, we can check the visitor waiting outside the door from inside of our home without making any foot steps to the front door.

In order to use the DoorBot, it has to be installed right besides the front door with 4 screw drivers and then connect to smartphone or tablet PC through local Wi-Fi device.

Even if no one is at home, once someone ring the door bell, owner will get notify on their smartphone or tablet PC, and talk to the visitor through the device.

There is a specific effect called Doorbell Effect. When some ring the bell and wait until the door get opened, and that person might feel little uncomfortable and frustrated, because that person often doesn’t know how he/she has to react once the door is opened. Even though the time frame is really short, it can give a huge psychological effect on a person waiting outside of the door, until the door get opened

However there will be no more Doorbell Effect with this device, since visitor and owner can interact each other right away, once the door bell is rang.

This system will lead us another step closer to the future life that we have been always dreaming about.